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Products tagged with 'aloha wedding cake topper'

Hawaiian Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $273.50

Are you looking for a wedding cake topper? This Hawaiian wedding cake topper is great and unique creations that capture your great memories, love and special moments into a piece of art. Every creation is a reflection of your love and caring.

Hawaii wedding cake topper, Aloha wedding cake topper

CAD $265.00

This Hawaii wedding cake topper will help to capture the moment and wow all your guests with its specially detailed art. Our wedding toppers are created by your creative imagination, hobby, profession and our artistic impression. This Aloha wedding cake topper is the ultimate way to display your character, your hobby and love on your wedding day.

Mini Hawaiian Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Topper, Beach Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $169.50

Share the essence of a tropical paradise on your big day with our Hawaiian Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Topper. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this cake topper features a charming bride and groom adorned in traditional Hawaiian wedding leis, creating a delightful centerpiece for your wedding cake. Complete the look with our exquisite wedding leis, beautifully designed to enhance the bride and groom's ensemble. Embrace the spirit of aloha and add a touch of Hawaiian elegance to your special celebration.

Bumble Wedding Cake Topper, Hawaiian Wedding Cake Topper, Aloha Wedding Theme

CAD $315.00

Capture the modern essence of love with our "Bumble Lovers" Wedding Cake Topper, featuring a bride and groom sharing a passionate kiss in a charming Hawaiian wedding theme. This delightful topper not only adds a touch of contemporary romance to your wedding cake but also serves as a meaningful anniversary gift for couples who met and fell in love in the digital age. Inspired by the world of online dating and modern relationships, this topper celebrates the journey of couples who found love on platforms like Bumble.

Happily Ever After Wedding Cake Topper, Minnie Inspire Wedding cake topper, Hawaii Wedding Cake Topper, Aloha Wedding Theme

CAD $314.00

Whether you're die-hard Minnie enthusiasts or you simply want to infuse a sense of adventure into your wedding, this cake topper is a testament to your unique journey as a couple. Each element is intricately designed to celebrate your bond and reflect your shared love for Disney and Hawaii.

Tall Groom & Short Bride Wedding Cake Topper with Dog, Aloha Wedding cake topper

CAD $310.00

Capture the essence of a tropical paradise with our Aloha Wedding Theme Cake Topper. This delightful figurine embodies the spirit of your special day, blending the magic of the islands with the joy of your union. This topper showcases a tall groom, a short bride, and an adorable dog, creating a heartwarming scene that reflects your love and the unique moments that make your relationship special.