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Products tagged with 'bespoke wedding cake decor'

Batman Groom & Ariel Bride Wedding Cake Topper, Cheek Kiss Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $299.50

Handcrafted with love and attention to detail, this clay wedding cake topper features Batman, the iconic superhero, being kissed on the cheek by his bride. The intricate design captures the essence of love, awesomeness and romance, making it the perfect symbol for your wedding day.

Gamer Wedding Cake Topper, Animal Crossing Bride & Groom villager Figurine

CAD $265.00

These animal crossing bride and groom figurines are not only lovingly designed to resemble the iconic characters but also carry a touch of your personal style and story. Message us to customize yours now and we'll send you the quotation for your personalized design.