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Products tagged with 'custom clay miniature'

Guitarist Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $185.00

This custom guitarist wedding cake topper with dog is ultimate way to display your uniqueness and include your furry member on your special day. They are 100% handmade (without using any molding) with high quality non-toxic special clay which is stable and lightweight. They will sit on any type of cake without sinking. These are made for just you and it is the only one in the world.

Bride and Bride Wedding Cake Topper, Wedding Theme Cake Topper

CAD $279.50

This lesbian wedding cake topper not only display your uniqueness but also cherish your special moment for years to come. If you want to have similar and dont change any details, price will be as the listing. If you want to change hairstyles, dress, bouquet or any details, it might be a small extra charge.

Shiba Inu Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $89.99 CAD $82.79

Shiba Inu wedding cake topper, dog wedding cake topper, pet cake topper is perfect wedding cake topper, or for engagement, bridal shower, anniversary or perfect gift for couple in wedding, impressive gift for any special day or great keepsake for keep forever.

Teddy Bear Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $89.99 CAD $82.79

Love me teddy bear wedding cake topper clay doll in purple wedding theme, animal wedding clay miniature, bride and groom clay figurine is perfect for wedding cake topper, ring holder or for engagement, bridal shower and anniversary decoration or perfect gift for couple in wedding, impressive gift for any special day or great keepsake for keep forever.

Chinese Wedding Cake Topper with Dog, Bride & Groom with Dog clay figurine

CAD $166.50

This Chinese wedding cake topper with a dog will perfectly display your uniqueness. This Bride & Groom with Dog cake topper not only tells your love story but also cherishes the special moment for a lifetime.

Harry Potter & Star Wars wedding cake topper, bride & groom with dog cake topper

CAD $163.50

This wedding cake topper with a dog is the ultimate way not only to display your uniqueness, include your furry member but also cherish your love to Harry Potter & Star Wars. Every creation is unique and a perfect keepsake that will last a lifetime. Gift a couple you know who loves Harry Potter and see their reaction.

Pokemon wedding cake topper, Bulbasaur and Squirtle Wedding

CAD $150.00

The Bulbasaur and Squirtle Cake Topper looks too cute, great artwork for bride and groom's miniature, and perfect for couples who love pokemon and be Pokemon fan forever.

Gorgeous Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper with Dogs

CAD $347.50

This Personalized wedding cake topper is a perfect piece of artwork clay figurine to exhibit what the bride and groom love and interest, just like this Gorgeous Bride and Groom Cake Topper with Dogs. It is made based on preference or dream design, whether it's based on your personality, passion, hobbies, profession, or even culture and tradition, it is professionally made by our professional artist. This custom wedding cake topper is a unique wedding cake decor and a keepsake at the same time.