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Customized Wedding Cake Toppers

Browse our current gallery of previously made wedding cake toppers, all personalized for our customers based on their pictures. To get your own, follow the instructions under one of the following options.

 - Option 1 (Choose from our current toppers)

  • Choose from our current toppers
  • Choose the colours of skin, hair, eyes, outfit, and base for your topper (if any)
  • Customize hairstyles, wedding outfit, bouquet as your uploaded photo (if any)
  • Add a name/date plaque

- Option 2 (Full Customization)

  • Choose from our current toppers
  • Choose the colours of skin, hair, eyes, outfit, and base for your topper (if any)
  • Customize posture, hairstyles, wedding outfit, bouquet as your uploaded photo.
  • Add a name/date plaque

Rustic Wedding Cake Topper, Cowboy Groom and Bohemian Bride cake topper, Autumn Wedding Theme

CAD $285.00

Elevate your wedding cake with our enchanting Rustic Wedding Cake Topper featuring a charming cowboy groom and a geek bride clay figurine and adorable dogs, a perfect addition to celebrate your love with a touch of Mexican flair.

Rustic wedding cake topper, Curly Hair Bride clay figurine

CAD $245.00

Our Rustic wedding cake topper is being made based on your dream desired design, style, or theme. Whether you want to feature your personality, your hobbies, profession, other interests, or even your race and culture, this is done professionally by our professional artist. This wedding cake topper not only makes the perfect gift idea for weddings but also a great keepsake.

Rustic Wedding Cake Topper, Kissing Bride and Groom Wedding Figurine

CAD $245.00

This personalized boho beach wedding cake topper will help to capture the moment and wow all your guests with its specially detailed art. Our wedding toppers are created by your creative imagination, hobby, profession, and artistic impression. This Kissing wedding cake topper is the ultimate way to display your unique character, hobby, and love on your wedding day.

Sailor Moon & Deadpool Wedding Cake Topper, Custom Commission Wedding Cake Topper, Gifts for Anime & Comics Fans

CAD $269.50

Add a unique flair to your wedding with our Sailor Moon & Deadpool Wedding Cake Topper. This one-of-a-kind piece features a handmade Sailor Venus clay figurine and a custom Deadpool superhero commission cake topper. Perfect for anime and comics fans, this topper celebrates the merging of two vibrant worlds, making it an unforgettable centerpiece for your special day. Handcrafted with meticulous detail, it also makes a fantastic gift for fans of both genres.

San Francisco 49ers fan groom & school teacher bride wedding cake topper

CAD $317.50

San Francisco 49ers fan groom & school teacher bride wedding cake topper not only showcases your uniqueness but also display your hobby, favorite and profession. This personalized wedding cake doll miniature is the perfect and most adorable piece of souvenir you could have on weddings. You will receive the similar topper as seen in the photos. Any variations, please send photos and we will quote for you.

Sandals wedding cake topper, Unique wedding keepsake for bride & groom

CAD $239.50 CAD $167.65

Do you want to capture every moment of your special day? This unique Sandals wedding cake topper will help you record a very special moment. This Classic sandals cake topper will surely be a great delight for the occasion and will bring a smile to every guest. Our custom clay figurines make a perfect wedding souvenir that bears memories that are to be kept forever.

Scottish Wedding Cake Topper, Love Pinch Wedding Cake Topper, Funny Kilt Groom Wedding Figurine

CAD $250.00

Elevate your wedding with a touch of Scottish charm using our "Scottish Wedding Cake Topper." This meticulously handcrafted clay figurine pays homage to Scottish traditions, featuring a kilt-wearing groom that adds a unique and cultural element to your special day. It is more than a decoration; it's a cherished keepsake that showcases love and tradition. With every glance, it transports you back to the moment when two paths converged to create a shared journey.

Scuba Divers groom and Snorkeling Bride Wedding Cake Topper, Underwater world wedding theme

CAD $420.18

Celebrate a most important occasion with a special cake topper presentation, just like this Scuba Divers Wedding Cake Topper that illustrates the couple's bond, love, and interests, a presentation that you and your guests will definitely love. This Custom wedding cake topper is an entertaining and fun way to represent the bride and groom. A fantastic Wedding cake topper souvenir to remember and cherish for a lifetime.

Short Curly Hair Bride & Mustache Groom Wedding Cake Topper, First Wedding Anniversary Gift for Wife

CAD $286.50

Celebrate the timeless love and bond of a mustache groom and a short curly-haired bride with our exquisite handmade clay wedding cake topper. Perfect not only for adorning wedding cakes but also as a heartfelt anniversary gift for parents, a thoughtful birthday present, or a charming engagement cake topper This cake topper stands as a testament to the couple's journey, making it a cherished memento that will be treasured for years to come. We can make versatile designs for various occasions, allowing you to honor the lasting commitment of loved ones for any occasions to come.

Skyrim and Dark Souls Wedding Cake Topper, Video Gamer wedding cake topper

CAD $504.50

A perfect wedding cake topper not only display your uniqueness but also make your fantasy dream come to life. This Skyrim and Dark Souls wedding cake topper is a unique way to wow the guests, represent the bride and groom and cherish your special moment for years to come.

Snorkeling Wedding Cake topper, Free Dive Bride & Groom Cake Topper, Scuba Diving Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $420.18

Dive into love's deep waters with our Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Topper. This captivating topper captures the adventure of your love story, featuring a bride and groom in charming underwater poses, complete with scuba gear and snorkeling masks and on their wedding attires. Perfectly embodying an underwater wedding theme, this topper adds a touch of excitement and romance to your special day. Celebrate your unique journey together with this whimsical and unforgettable cake decoration that echoes your shared passion for exploring the depths of love.

Soccer Fans Wedding Cake Topper, Custom Gift for Soccer Fans, Soccer Jersey Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $280.00

Kick off your journey into wedded bliss with our Soccer Fans Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Topper. This unique masterpiece captures the excitement and passion you both share for the beautiful game. The groom with a soccer ball and the bride in a jersey radiate enthusiasm for your shared team.