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Products tagged with 'handcrafted cake topper'

Superhero wedding cake topper, Superman wedding cake topper

CAD $265.00

This Superhero wedding cake topper is great wedding cake topper, wedding centerpiece, engagement decor, wedding decor, anniversary gift idea, bridal shower decor,.. They are 100% handmade with high quality, non-toxic clay which is stable. These are made specially for you. This unique wedding clay figurine can also make the perfect gift for anyone on their special day and make a great keepsake.

Chinese Bride & Cambodian Groom Wedding Cake Topper, Cheongsam Cake Topper, Qipao Cake Topper

CAD $335.00

The design of the topper pays homage to the rich traditions of a Chinese & Cambodian wedding, infusing cultural elements with modern aesthetics. Every detail of the topper is handcrafted by skilled artists, ensuring authenticity and attention to even the most intricate features. This topper can be personalized to reflect your unique style and incorporate elements that hold special significance to you. Just contact us for the quotation of your customization.

Kissing Ao Dai Wedding Cake Topper, Vietnam Traditional Wedding Cake Topper, Anniversary Gift for Vietnam Couple

CAD $267.50

Introducing our exquisite Kissing Ao Dai Wedding Cake Topper – a symbol of tradition, love, and timeless elegance. This beautifully crafted topper is more than just a decorative piece; it's a celebration of your love story and a unique keepsake that will grace your special day with an enchanting touch.

Deadpool Wedding Cake Topper, Marvel Fans Wedding, Las Vegas Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $149.50

It's an ultimate choice for Marvel fans tying the knot. This unique and thrilling cake topper features the dashing Deadpool Groom, adding a touch of action-packed adventure to your special day.

Captain America & Doctor Strange Wedding Cake Topper, Superhero Themed Wedding Cake Decor

CAD $149.50

This captivating cake topper features two iconic Marvel superheroes, Captain America and Doctor Strange, bringing an exhilarating blend of strength and magic to your special day.

Hot-Air Balloon Wedding Cake Topper, Outdoor Theme Wedding Cake Topper, Destination wedding theme

CAD $189.50

Introducing our enchanting Hot-Air Balloon Wedding Cake Topper – a perfect addition to your special day, designed to elevate your wedding cake to new heights of elegance and romance. This unique cake topper brings an outdoor theme to your celebration, capturing the spirit of adventure and the beauty of love taking flight.

Animal Crossing Wedding Cake Topper, Villager Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $265.00

Celebrate your union with a custom-made cake topper that mirrors the bride and groom's unique characters and style. The Animal Crossing-inspired design adds a magical touch to your wedding cake, making it a true representation of your personalities.

Motorcycle Racer Groom & Minnie Mouse Bride Wedding Cake Topper, Traveler and Gamer wedding cake topper

CAD $328.00

Whether you're exchanging vows in a motorcycle-themed wedding or simply want to add a dash of your favorite fandom to your celebration, this cake topper is sure to delight guests and create lasting memories. Make your wedding day unforgettable with our Motorcycle Racer Groom & Minnie Mouse Bride Wedding Cake Topper, a celebration of love, adventure, and the thrill of the ride.