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Products tagged with 'international wedding cake topper'

US and Brazil Wedding Cake Topper, Mixed Race Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $129.50

A wedding that combines style and love makes it more memorable. This US and Brazil Wedding Cake Topper illustrates the couple's uniqueness and love story. Custom wedding cake toppers are a great way to show the couple's personality, love, and interests. A perfect wedding keepsake to display and cherish for the rest of their lives.

From Long Distance to Married wedding cake topper, Destination Wedding Cake Topper with Dogs, Travel Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $405.00

Capture the joy of your love story with our Destination Wedding Cake Topper with Dogs. This unique topper beautifully celebrates a union between Brazil and Canada, incorporating miniatures of their flags and a globe. The figurine also includes an adorable clay representation of a dog, symbolizing companionship. Perfect for couples who love travel adventures, this topper adds a touch of multicultural flair to your wedding cake. Commemorate your special day with this charming and heartwarming decoration that embodies love crossing borders.

Brazilian Groom and American Bride Wedding Cake Topper with dog, International wedding couple

CAD $182.50

Celebrate the beauty of cultural diversity and love with our Brazilian Groom and American Bride Wedding Cake Topper—a perfect symbol of unity and harmony. This unique interracial wedding cake topper beautifully captures the essence of blending two distinct cultures into one harmonious celebration of love and include your lovely four-legged friend.