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Products tagged with 'traditional bride & groom topper'

Classic wedding cake topper, Traditional bride & groom wedding topper

CAD $113.35

This Traditional wedding cake topper is ultimate way to display your uniqueness. They are 100% handmade (without using any molding) with high quality non-toxic special clay which is stable and lightweight. They will sit on any type of cake without sinking. These are made for just you and it is the only one in the world.

Vintage wedding cake topper- Red wedding theme

CAD $225.50

Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding day. This handmade Vintage Wedding Cake Topper is the ultimate way to display your unique character on your wedding day. They are 100% handmade with high quality, non-toxic clay which is stable. These are made especially for you. This unique traditional bride & groom clay figurine can also make the perfect gift for anyone on their special day and make a great keepsake.

Cartoonist wedding cake topper, Custom bride & groom clay figurine

CAD $179.50

A wedding is once in a lifetime experience and we want it to be as special and memorable as possible. One way to make it happen is to make your decorations personalized. This Cartoonist bride & groom wedding cake topper is a perfect presentation of the bride and groom's fun personalities. The custom wedding clay figurine makes an ultimate reflection of the couple's uniqueness. This custom wedding cake topper makes an ultimate wedding keepsake.