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Products tagged with 'unique cake figurine'

Harry Potter & Star Wars Themed Wedding Cake Topper, Jedi fan and Hufflepuff fan wedding

CAD $287.50

Whether you're both die-hard fans or just looking to infuse your wedding with a touch of fantasy, this topper is a captivating choice. Let your wedding be a celebration of both galaxies as you go on a new adventure together. You will receive the similar topper as seen in the photos. If you want to change any details or customize, price might be different. Please contact us first.

Full Beard Comb Over Hairstyle groom, Wavy Down hairstyle bride, Classic Kissing Interracial Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $129.50

What sets this topper apart is its representation of an interracial couple, embodying the diversity and inclusivity of modern love stories. With the bride and groom depicted in a romantic kiss, this topper serves as a heartfelt tribute to love in all its forms, making it perfect for couples seeking to reflect their unique journey on their wedding day.