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Products tagged with 'wedding clay doll'

Kissing Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Topper with Dog

CAD $303.00

Celebrating your love and making a lifelong commitment to each other in front of your family and friends is hard to beat. But the wedding day is just the very beginning of your marriage so make that moment more memorable with this Kissing wedding cake topper with dog. It will capture your love and uniqueness into a piece of art.

Personalized Wedding Cake Topper, Pink wedding theme

CAD $245.00

This Unique wedding cake topper will help you showcase your style and uniqueness and make the big day more exciting and special. This is also a perfect keepsake that will last for more years.

Star Wars Wedding Cake Topper, Up wedding cake topper

CAD $179.50

Both of you are a fan of the popular Star War and an romantic Up, then this handmade Start War and Up wedding cake topper is a must have for your special day. It is not only display your uniqueness but also treasure your special moment for years to come.

Bride and Groom cake topper with dog, Kissing wedding cake topper

CAD $320.00

This customized Bride and Groom cake topper with dog, Kissing wedding cake topper is the ultimate way to display your uniqueness and include your furry member on your special day. This handmade wedding cake topper is a great keepsake which tells your love story for years to come. These are made specially for you.

Nurse and Chef Wedding Cake Topper, Minion Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $185.00

Looking for a unique wedding cake topper which can be a keepsake to last a lifetime? Our Minion wedding clay doll is a great wedding cake topper and an amazing wedding keepsake. Its perfect if it also reflect your professor as well as your favorite character.

Personalized wedding cake topper, Mermaid Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $279.50

This mermaid wedding cake topper will not only capture your uniqueness but also fulfill your Mermaid wedding dream.

Nurse Wedding Cake Topper, US Army wedding cake topper

CAD $297.50

This Dentist and Sailor Wedding cake topper display not only your profession but also express your love to Disney. This is made especially for you and your loved one. A perfect lasting keepsake of the happy event that you can reminisce about.

Star Wars Inspire Wedding Cake Topper

CAD $263.50

This Star Wars Wedding Cake Topper is a customized clay miniature for a special day. It will display not only your uniqueness but also your hobby and Star Wars fan. A perfect keepsake that will last a lifetime.